Cancer treatments in New Pandey Hospital

Cancer treatments in New Pandey Hospital

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Cancer treatments are being continually developed. Increasingly more effective and better-targeted treatments are available.

As treatment has developed, the outcomes have enhanced. Treatment outcomes in Finland are outstanding by international comparisons.

The purpose of cancer treatments is that

  • cancer improves
  • the disease is brought under control
  • cancer recurrence is prevented, and
  • The symptoms caused by the tumor are alleviated.


The main forms of cancer treatment are cancer surgery (surgical treatment), radiotherapy, and chemotherapy and hormone therapy. Nowadays various immunological therapies and so-called smart drug delivery (or targeted drug delivery) are also used. There are a variety of different cancer drugs available. They are generally used in combination.

Cancer therapy is personalized, which is why treatments can vary. The choice of treatment is influenced by the location of the tumor, distribution; cell type and the patient’s overall situation as well as possible other illnesses. The advantages and disadvantages for the patient of different treatments are always assessed beforehand. A doctor decides on the kind of treatment, but as a patient, you can ask questions and express your own wishes on the matter. The doctor must explain to you the grounds for and content of the treatment recommendation.