How Can I Prevent Kidney Stones?

How Can I Prevent Kidney Stones?

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Kidney stones are deposits of minerals and salts that crystallize in the kidneys. They become solid, and passing them in the urine can be extremely painful.

Generally, the fluid in urine prevents waste products from coming into contact with each other. However, kidney stones can begin to form when there is not enough fluid or too much solid waste content in the urine.

“Kidney stones” is a term that covers different types of small, solid crystals. They can have different reasons and different food culprits. Some are related to kidney infections. Others form because you have too much of certain minerals in your system.

Genes can play a role, too. Forty percent of the people who get kidney stones have relatives who have them, too.

Gout- This painful situation happens when uric acid builds up in your blood. That makes crystals form in the joints or kidneys.

Intestinal surgery- If you’ve had certain types of gastric bypass surgery or other intestinal surgery, your risk may go up.

Hyperthyroidism- It can aises calcium levels in your blood and trigger kidney stones.

Certain kidney diseases- One example is polycystic kidney disease, in which clusters of cysts grow in your kidneys.

Drink lots of water. Stay hydrated, especially when you exercise.

Check food labels. Read the ingredients. Avoid or eat less of foods with high amounts of ingredients like sodium chloride, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and sodium nitrate.

Choose foods wisely. Generally it’s good to get more spinach and nuts in your diet. But if you have calcium oxalate stones, which are the most common type, your doctor may tell you to avoid limit foods high in oxalates:

  • Nuts, including almonds, cashews, pistachios, and peanuts
  • Soy products, including soy burger, soy milk, and soy cheese
  • Chocolate
  • Oat and oat bran
  • Red kidney beans, navy beans, fava beans
  • Beets, spinach, kale, tomato