Top 5 Pregnancy Care Tips during Monsoon |How To Stay Fit

Top 5 Pregnancy Care Tips during Monsoon |How To Stay Fit

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The temptation of monsoons is what reasons any person to enjoy the first rains in all their glory. As a pregnant woman, the possibilities of lying on your armchair, sipping on some hot soup, while reading your favourite book and listening to the rain rage outside can be quite the dream. Along with the rains, monsoons bring with themselves a ton of other aspects that make care for moms-to-be a necessary thing to remember.

It can be very tricky to care for yourself when there is a change in the weather. So, here are some pregnancy care tips:-

Avoid street food, despite any cravings

All those previous memories, when you’d step out with your friends to gobble up some nice street food, need to take a strict backseat during your pregnancy period. We have all complained about stomach problems, at the very least, after eating street food. Apart from the unhygienic situations and uncertainty about the sources of water used in those food items and consuming extremely spicy street food with all the adulterated oil, chemicals and masala’s can be quite harmful to you and the baby.

Stick to a nutritious & well-balanced diet

A diet that includes everything that a mother and her baby necessity is a necessity when you are pregnant. However, it becomes more of a mandatory thing to follow in monsoons. During this period when the general immunity in our body is at its lowest and monsoons bring along with them many diseases too. Design your diet plan with a high protein diet which gives you a good amount of nutrition.

Stay hydrated like in ‘its summer’

The humidity in the atmosphere rises while the overall temperature reduces, making the season of monsoons pleasant. This also makes a trick with your body, where your body thinks it has enough fluids since it tends to compare with the previous seasons of summer. Precisely due to this reason many pregnant women suffer from dehydration in the monsoons, which leads to nausea, headaches and complaints of fainting. Ensure that your fluid intake is tracked and stays at the same level as in summer. Add fresh juices and coconut water regularly into your diet.

Be more cautious about personal hygiene during monsoon

You might be maintaining general cleanliness in your surroundings, but monsoons always bring a new level of infections and diseases. Slightest chance of overlooking any aspect of hygiene, simply like washing hands prior to cooking, can be a pathway for germs to reach your body and, in worst cases, it can reach to your baby too.

Mosquitoes invasion are your worst enemies

In our country, there are only a few people who are lucky in this world to stay at a home that is free from mosquito invasion. Most of us have to be at war with mosquitoes, especially during monsoons, when mosquitoes enter our homes in a mass. Use a mosquito repellent as the first line of defence but do not hesitate from using a liquidator as well. Using mosquito nets in your beds can help you get a good sleep at night. Keep your eyes on an around your home and in the surroundings, pots, unused vessels where stagnant pools of water might remain. These are the breeding grounds of mosquitoes, which should be taken care of or should be avoided as much as possible.