Urology specializes in treating patients with a wide range of urologic situation. With in-depth experience in a variety of urologic procedures, our talented team gives comprehensive care for patients with advanced and hard cases. Focused on treating each patient as a whole person, we strive to deliver the highest level of care in the state.

Urologists (also known as urological surgeons) treat problems of the female urinary system and the male genitourinary tract. They diagnose and treat disorders of the kidneys, ureters, and bladder, prostate and male reproductive organs.


Urologists are surgeons, but much of their work also engages the medical management of situation or disease without surgery. They work with patients of all ages from babies and children to elderly people.

Urology was the first surgical specialty to use minimally invasive techniques such as endoscopy and key-hole surgery, techniques which continue to be on a regular basis used by urologists. Urology is also at the forefront of developments in robot-assisted surgery.

Urologists use a thin lighted instrument known as a cystoscope to examine the bladder and urethra. Other situation can also be treated using endoscopic (telescopic) procedures including the removal of bladder tumors and treatment of bladder and kidney stones.


Following procedure is done routinely-

  1. All abdominal surgeries, Emergency Laparotomies
  2. Urology procedure-
    • TURP Prostrate
    • TURB Bladder
    • URS Ureteroscopy
    • Endoscopic removal of ureteric stone and bladder stones,
    • Urethroscopy and urethral stricture- all open surgeries
    • Renal stones – PCNL- D.J. stenting
    • Kidney- open surgery all types including nephrectomies
    • All operation of urology subjects mainly
  1. Doing laparoscopic surgery-
    • Appendix
    • Gallbladder stones
  1. All operative general surgery like thyroid, testis, breast, abdomen

Common procedures/interventions

Common open surgery procedures include:

kidney stone removal
removal of bladder, kidney or prostrate to treat cancer
bladder reconstruction after removal

Endoscopic (telescopic) procedures:

  • Diagnostic examination of the bladder (cystoscopy)
  • Resection and ablation (destruction) of the prostate with lasers or heat
  • Removal of bladder tumors
  • Treatment of bladder and kidney stones

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

  • Diagnostic testing is offered in a private and confidential setting.
  • Therapies available include medication and surgical options to help restore function.

Infertility Treatment

  • We offer diagnostic testing and surgical correction of male reproductive infertility.
  • Our urologists work collaboratively with UMass Memorial’s fellowship-trained reproductive endocrinologists and infertility experts in addressing female reproductive problems

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Our urologists are skilled in minimally invasive techniques including laparoscopic, endo-urological and robotic surgery.

Pediatric Urology

Pediatric urologists at our Children’s Medical provide comprehensive evaluation and management of a wide range of pediatric urology disorders.

Kidney (Renal) Transplant

Working with UMass Memorial transplant surgeons, our urologists treat patients facing advanced and permanent renal (kidney) failure with the kidney transplant.