Dr. Kriti Dubey

About Dr. Kriti Dubey

MBBS, DNB Paediatrics

I am Dr. Kriti Dubey. I am serving pediatrician New Pandey Hospital.

Degrees and Educations

MBBS (Manipal), DNB Paediatrics (Choithram Hospital Indore)

Served at M.P. State Govt. District Hospital Hoshangabad.

Serving Pediatrician New Pandey Hospital.

About Pediatric




Pediatricians are doctors who handle medical situation affecting infants, children, and young people. Our pediatricians and everyone who works on the pediatric team is specialist in the unique needs of kids.
A pediatrician direct physical, mental, and emotional well-being of the children under their care at every stage of development, in both sickness and health. Pediatricians are doctors who handle the health of your child, including physical, behavioral, and mental health issues. They’re trained to diagnose and treat childhood illnesses, from minor health problems to severe diseases.





Asthma-related problems