Dr. Shama Jain

About Dr. Shama Jain

MBBS, D.A. (Diploma in anesthesia)

I am Dr. Shama Jain. I am the anesthetist.

Degrees and Education

MBBS (Gwalior), D.A. (diploma in anesthesia) Rewa M.P.

she is working as an anesthetist at New Pandey Hospital

About Anesthesia




Anesthesia is a medicine that causes a loss of feeling in all or part of your body. Anesthesia is a medical treatment that stops patients from feeling pain during surgery. It allows people to have procedures that lead to healthier and longer lives. To generate anesthesia, doctors use drugs called anesthetics. Scientists have developed a collection of anesthetic drugs with different effects. These drugs contain general, regional, and local anesthetics. General anesthetics put patients to sleep during the procedure. Local and regional anesthetics just numb part of the body and allow patients to remain awake during the procedure.





General anesthesia
Local anesthesia
Regional anesthesia