Dr. Sunita Pandey

About Dr. Sunita Pandey


I am Dr. Sunita Pandey. She has been practicing Obstetrics & Gynaec since last 35 years in Hoshangabad city. She is specially trained for high-risk pregnancy & delivery.

Degree and Education

I did my M.B.B.S. and M.S. from G.R. Medical College Gwalior and came to Hoshangabad and started a clinic.

Ever since then I have had special training in my subject every year.

I have been practicing Obstetric & Gynaec since last 35 years in Hoshangabad city.


  • Specially trained for high-risk pregnancy& delivery
  • Laparoscopic gynae surgery
  • IVF Specialist
  • In-charge of Anadi IVF
  • Obstetric sonography, color Doppler and Fetal medicine

Pregnant ? and want the best care?

Pregnancy & childbirth are events of greatest happiness in a family. Attaining a pregnancy, negotiating 9 months as safe as possible, with the best nutrition to mother & baby, and the delivery of a healthy robust baby is of paramount importance to husband-wife and their family. It is immensely important to the educated “parents to be” couple, to be assured of that the during pregnancy lady is taken care of as best as possible, with an evidence-based service as possible, and to be delivered with at most care so that they get blessed with a healthy baby.

“35-years experience & expertise in the gynecological problem”


High Risk Pregnancy
IVF Specialist
Laproscopic gynaec surgery
Obstetric sonography
Color Doppler & Fetal medicine

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